David started his health and fitness journey very young. Training for over 12 years in Karate in obtained a 1st Dan black belt, which he achieved through the tuition of Sam Greco, a world champion Karate and Kickboxer. He went on to work at Sam Greco’s martial arts studio and had the opportunity to train with Team Greco, where he fought for the Australian Full Contact Karate title in Sydney. 

With a thirst for knowledge of training methodologies David studied Anatomy and Physiology and became a qualified Personal Trainer. After moving to London he began working at the BBC’s corporate gym, starting as a trainer then progressing into management. Since then he has worked in the Lords Cricket Ground managing the fitness facility and working with the young Marylebone Cricket Club doing their fitness testing, strength and conditioning programs. Working with players such as Darren Sammy –  who went on to be West Indies captain.

David also worked with London Business School where he managed month long health and wellbeing seminars for international senior executives. 

He went on to work at the headquarters of the Daily Mail where he currently has the contract to manage the fitness facility and Personal Training studio. 

He has also worked with Ferne Park Polo Team as their sports therapist, attending all the games and taking care of the players.

Helping Ferne Park Polo to victory at the Windsor Cup

David believes that continual education is the key to being able to be his best and give the best possible services to his clientele. Since completing his Personal Training diploma he has gone on to study many different aspects of Massage, obtaining Level 5 Sports Massage and treatment of Sports Injuries. 

David has travelled to USA multiple times to train with Paul Chek in corrective exercise analysis and proscription, and studied Holistic Lifestyle and Coaching with him. He travelled to numerous locations in Canada and Europe to train with Charles Poliquin who invented BioSignature Modulation and later on founded Strength Sensei. Through the Poliquin performance David has reached the level of strength and condition specialist which involved having to actually train an athlete or team that reached national level.

David loves his education and has been able to meet extraordinary people throughout it. Being in the presence of the most successful people in their field has been an enlightening and motivational experience which David has integrated into his lifestyle and services which is TLFit.

“My goal is to educate and empower people with information so they can take control of their lifestyle and live it with vitality. I strive to give unsurpassed service’s using tried and tested methodology. Maximising the time spent training to get the greatest results. I believe in living the best I can my life as an example of my beliefs with the compassion and understanding that everyone is at different stages of the journey to wellbeing.”–David Talha, 2010



Level 3 – Strength and Conditioning Specialist

14th of November 2011 Poliquin Performance

Level 3 C.H.E.K Practitioner

23rd of July 2006 Paul Check Seminars/C.H.E.K Institute

Level 3 Advance Instructor – Personal Trainer

27th of May 2005 Register of Exercise Professionals

Personal Trainer

28th of September 1998 Australian Fitness Accreditation Council

1st Dan Black Belt Karate Instructor

10th of June 1996 Association Honbu SEIDOKAIKAN

Advance Extreme Kettlebell Instructor

14th of March 2008 Optimal Life fitness

Seminars and Courses: Human Movement


Hypertrophy Bootcamp

February 2015 Charles Poliquin / Strength Sensi

Training for Strength Sports – Olympic Weight Lifting

September 2014 Dimitry Klokov & Charles Poliquin

Olympic Weight Lifting

31st of May 2015. UKSCA – UK Strength & Conditioning Association



Level 5 Sports Massage and Treatments

9th of Mar 2013 B.T.E.C

Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy

21st of April 2009. Neuromuscular Education & Research Institute


5th of August 2005. B.S.Y Group

Sports Massage

6th of July 2005. B.S.Y Group

Massage Therapist

30th of August 2002. International Therapy Examination Council

Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology

30th of August 2002.   International Therapy Examination Council

QUALIFICATIONS: Nutritional and Lifestyle.


Level 1 Bio- Print

February 2015 Charles Poliquin / Strength Sensi

Level 3 C.H.E.K Nutritional and Lifestyle Coach.

19th April 2006. Paul Check Seminars/C.H.E.K Institute.

Nutritional Assessment Short Course

4th December 2004. The University of Westminster.

Nutritional in Practice Short Course

2nd October 2004. The University of Westminster.