Drinking a glass of water with lime and salt after waking up is a very effective trick that improves 3 major body systems in one sweeping gesture. In fact, it will positively impact digestion, as well as adrenal function and detoxification pathways.

Lemon and lime juice have a chemical structure very similar to HCl, hence facilitating gastric function. They will not only improve acidity levels in the stomac but stimulate its innate production as well. Regulatory and preemptive measure! Upon leaving the stomach, lime juice also triggers bile release. Sea salt acts as a companion to the process. It actually provides copious amount of chloride which is integral to stomach acid production.

HCl levels are critical for vitamin absorption. For instance the Bs: B6, B9 & B12 which are crucial for dopamine production. Mineral assimilation also depends on stomach acidity. In particular zinc, which is itself necessary for HCl production. Zinc deficiency feeds a vicious circle of downward HCl production. Finally of particular interest to the sport enthusiasts, HCl levels are, for obvious reasons, linked to protein digestion.

Additionally, adequate level of stomach acids are integral to the destruction of pathogens that hitch along for a ride with food. Dysbiosis leads to a host of health issues that science is only beginning to appreciate. An added benefit to consuming salt early in the morning is that it facilitates bowel movement. A sluggish transit allows toxins to recirculate in the body, adding to the already heavy toxic burden of the body.

Be sure to use fresh limes as the bottled version use unripe fruit which do not display the full array of nutrients. Plus the simple fact of pressing a fresh lemon in the morning is a step forward in the direction of mindfulness. Remember stress is one of the main reason why stomach acidity leaves to be de
sired in the first place.

Avoid using tap water as it is ridden with pollutants and unwanted chemicals. Also cold water can be stressful first thing in the morning thus favor a room temperature beverage. So use room-temperature water with a good quality filter

Don’t worry about the saltiness of the mixture, the lime juice will mitigate the taste.

Try it!

This is the recipe:

– ¼ Tsp. Colored Salt
– A shot of lemon or lime juice
– A glass of water – ideally filtered

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