Sports Massage

Sports massage, also sometimes known as remedial massage, isn’t just for athletes.  Sports massage is a catchall term for a range of massage techniques that can benefit anyone experiencing reduced mobility or discomfort. Sports injuries are particularly common among those who enjoy sport as a hobby. For everyone else, work or posture related issues can create soreness and stiffness that is improved by massage.

Aches and pains, if not treated, can lead to chronic pain or discomfort and time off work.  Massage as a therapy can operate on different levels whether the focus is dealing with a specific physical issue, or relaxation via Swedish massage (which we also offer). Whether you develop a stiff back sitting at a desk all day or from prolonged periods of standing, have tennis shoulder or elbow we can offer a massage regime designed to help alleviate your symptoms. Regular massages can also help prevent the reoccurrence of old injuries.

The physical benefits of massage go beyond improving circulation and lymphatic flow and can also include increasing mobility and flexibility, healing and restoring function depending on the techniques used.

All our massage treatments are provided by fully qualified therapists and are tailored to your requirements. The first session is partly devoted to consultation. The techniques we offer include Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Soft Tissue Release.

Your personalised program can incorporate many different techniques depending on your requirements and symptoms.  We also appreciate some people worry that deep massage can be uncomfortable. Our goal is always to offer the most effective treatment while minimising discomfort making our massage regimes an enjoyable experience. In fact, feedback from clients is they have tried other massage therapists and not found them deep enough! The main point to emphasise here is whatever the purpose of your massage therapy you are always in control of your regime. Our therapists can also advise on the most appropriate after-massage regime.